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Parents Guide to Wrestling

Should my athlete wrestle?

Wrestling is a great way to 

  1. Improve agility

  2. Learn how to use leverage

  3. Overcome adversity

  4. Adapt and overcome to game situations

  5. Be part of a team

What is GRAWL?

Grand Rapids Area Wrestling League (GRAWL) is a collective of youth wrestling programs around west Michigan.  All teams are devoted to having fun, growing the sport and providing a safe environment for athletes to learn.

What is all of the yelling?

Wrestling matches can be intense and often they are very loud.  Coaches are in each wrestlers corner offering coaching throughout the match.  Since there are only 3 ways to score points, you may here some of the following during a match.

Hands - Control the hands of your opponent.  They cannot get an advantage if they cannot use their hands freely.

Get Heavy - When on top of your opponent, the idea is to stay there using your body weight.  If you can stay on top of your opponent you can ultimately pin them.

What to expect at practice

Practices start promptly for each age group.  Please have your wrestler to the room with their shoes and uniform on and ready prior to the start of practice.  

Parents are welcome to take off their shoes and enter the room to sit along the walls and watch practice if they desire.

MYWAY Competitions

For wrestlers who would like to compete as an individual, Michigan Youth Wresting Association (MYWAY) might be a good fit.

MYWAY competitions are held on Sundays and coaches may not always be available.  For some, MYWAY events are intense (too much) as it is a double-elimination style tournament.  Wrestlers compete others in their weight class.  Wrestlers will participate in a number of successive matches (total number depends on how many are in weight class) until they either win or are eliminated.

MYWAY competitions are very competitive and culminate with the Michigan MYWAY State Championships in March.  It is a great for those wishing to engage in the individual competition of wrestling.

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